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App for UNISON Technologies

Welcome back once more, TechGeniuses. UNISON Technologies has created an app. This app has calling functions, as well as some playful tools.

Download it here.


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What Is It? – 1


We have a picture. You have four options. Fill out the poll.


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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017, folks! In honor of 2017, we decided to have a poll.

Image A: newyear-2016-17  OR

Image B: newyear-17-1.

Choose which one you like best!




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Our Interests

We have decided to have a post, dedicated to presenting our interests of TechGenius 32400 to our readers. This is that post. Our interests are:

  • Distribution of books in the public domain,
  • Sharing magazines,
  • Helping others with their tech problems.

More interests will be added soon, stay tuned!



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